Linda Meggs <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I am interested in joining an association of
> Canadian writing centre personnel, or at least in participating in an
> on-going dialogue with others. Please let me know if there are any
> such opportunities out there. If not, should we start something?

There was a discussion of a similar issue last year.  If anyone would like
to see what's already been said about this, you can run a search very easily
on the archive -- just go to

and click on "search the archives."  If you search on "Writing Centres" for
the last year you'll find quite a lot of interesting postings.  The bottom
line, I think, is if you're looking for a place to contact people involved
in writing centres in Canada, you've found it, and if you want to
participate in a dialogue with those folks, you've found a good place for
that, too.

                                          -- Russ

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