As a few of you are already aware, I've been working
on a modest (but I hope useful) Web site on
Writing in the Disciplines:

It's funded by B.C.'s Ministry of Advanced Education &
supposed to be "up & running" in a few months.  The site
(at present, very much under construction) features
transcripts of the "Writing Your 'Self' into the Disciplines"
instructional video series I produced in conjunction with
UCC's media services.  It also features--or hopes to feature--
a number of student & faculty articles related to
writing in the disciplines & genre studies.

I'd appreciate any feedback (via the list or off-list
via  [log in to unmask]) about the site--& I'd also welcome
any contributions CASLL members might like to make, especially
in the form of new writing and/or permission to include
previously published articles of interest.

You might also consider the Web site as a possible venue
for publishing relevant student work?

All the best for the new year!  Will

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