I'd like to express my thanks to the Simon Fraser crew for the
wonderful conference we just had at Bowen Island, and my sympathy to
the inkshedders who couldn't make it.  Unfortunately, there's no way
we can share the sun coming up over the mountains (yes, the sun
_did_ come up, every day; I'm convinced it was because all the
participants received an official Inkshed 2000 umbrella on arrival:
the rain ceased instantly as I was handed mine), or Diana Brent's
wonderful autoharp playing and singing, or Mary-Louise and Leslie's,
um, thorough recounting of the plot and, shall we say, ambience of
_Diamonds_ (the westbound film on whatever airline that is these
days), or all the other great stuff that happened on Talent Night
(Tania's already contributed the text of two presentations, but trust
me, you hadda be there).

But we can, I hope, find ways of sharing some of the ideas.  I had
oral agreements from most presenters that they would get me texts of
their presentations which I can put up on the Inkshed Web site, along
with the edited inksheds produced in response to them, and quite
possibly more thoughtfully and inclusively edited versions produced
by people who took the originals away with them from the reading
table.  This is in the way of a reminder to those people that I'm
ready to receive texts (send them in any any format you want; I'll
arrange to get them htmlized and installed on the Web), and a
heads-up to everybody else that pretty soon there will be some reason
to have a look at the Inkshed main Web page (I'll post an
announcement to the list when something new goes up). But get me
those texts, eh?

And don't worry about getting yours polished to a high gloss: all
of us understand that sharing ideas at Inkshed means we share ideas;
we don't need to display our prowess.  If you want to keep polishing
for later publication elsewhere, fine, but in the meantime, if you
invite them, inkshedders will help with thinking about it and
polishing it).

For an example of what I mean, if you haven't looked at my thumbnail
sketch of what "inkshedding" is (copies were there on the reading
table at Bowen), point your browser to this address:

This is a work in progress that I invite anyone to contribute to,
comment on, help with. Let's continue to talk about some of the
ideas that we started sharing at Bowen, and that we'll continue to
share next year somewhere near Calgary.

                                  -- Russ
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