Early Modern Literary Studies is pleased to announce the launch of its
May issue, a special issue on Shakespeare on Screen, edited by Lisa
Hopkins with Michael Best and R.G.Siemens.  It contains articles on
'Shakespeare on Screen: Threshold Aesthetics in Oliver Parker's Othello'

(Patricia Dorval, Universite Paul Valery), 'Making Mother Matter:
Repression, Revision, and the Stakes of "Reading Psychoanalysis Into"
Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet' (Courtney Lehmann, University of the Pacific,
with Lisa S. Starks, University of South Florida), and 'Leading the
Gaze: From Showing to Telling in Kenneth Branagh's Henry V and Hamlet'
(Sarah Hatchuel, University of Paris IV Sorbonne); 'Shakespeare on
Television: A Bibliography of Criticism' (Jose Ramon Diaz Fernandez,
University of Malaga); interviews with Russell Jackson and with Kenneth
Rothwell (Darren Kerr, De Montfort University); reviews of the Almereyda

Hamlet (Ann Thompson, King's College, London) and of the Branagh Love's
Labour's Lost (Debra Tuckett, Sheffield Hallam University); and the
usual complement of book reviews.

Interactive Early Modern Literary Studies's series of reviews of
resources continues with evaluations of i) the English Short Title
Catalogue, ii) Chadwyck-Healey's Bible Editions database, and iii) the
Women's Writing Project and the Perdita Project.

As usual the issue is available free online at

Dr Lisa Hopkins
Senior Lecturer in English, Sheffield Hallam University
School of Cultural Studies, Sheffield Hallam University, Collegiate
Campus, Sheffield, S10 2BP, U.K.
Editor, Early Modern Literary Studies: