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Subject: Call for Papers for Leeds IMC 2001 (Crossposted)

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Organized Session Proposal: "Mundane and Profane Uses of Medieval Sacred Spaces"

Although technically reserved for worship, medieval sacred spaces accommodated numerous mundane and profane activities that included (but certainly were not limited to) winehawking, ball playing, hearing legal cases and sexual encounters. This session will explore the mundane and profane uses of medieval sacred spaces and investigate the larger significance of such uses. Papers may discuss any mundane activity that took place in ritual spaces. They may also look at violent explosions that sometimes occurred in them (such as the twelfth-century murders of Charles the Good in the castral church of Saint Donatian and of Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral). If accepted, this session, which hopes to benefit from papers drawing on a variety of relevant disciplines, might include presentations on Jewish, Christian (eastern and western) and Muslim sacred spaces; inter- and intra-cultural comparative discussions are also welcome. If you are interested in participating in this session, please e-mail me at [log in to unmask] The deadline for submission of abstracts is July 31, 2000.

Dawn Hayes
Dawn Marie Hayes, Ph.D.
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