I would like to announce that we will be holding a joint session
with the Canadian Association for Translation Studies (CATS) at our
next conference at Laval University. Submissions are invited for the
joint session on the theme

Communicators as Cultural Interpreters

A joint session with the Canadian Association for Translation Studies.

This session will address issues related to the role of professional
translators and interpreters in an increasingly global economy.
Researchers are invited to explore issues of globalisation and
localisation in writing,
translation, and interpretation, in English, in French and in languages
and language
combinations other than English and French. Some of the possible
questions to be discussed in
this session are: Canadian context: what challenges does it present for
communicators, translators and interpreters? Thinking internationally:
what does it mean for a professional communicator and for a translator?
How do professional communicators and translators deal with
differences in texts and in contexts? How can we integrate an
international perspective
into the classroom?

Natasha Artemeva

Program Chair, CATTW/ACPRTS 2001
Engineering Communication Program Coordinator
School of Linguistics and
Applied Language Studies
Carleton University
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