Announcing a new series from Ashgate Publishing Company—Studies in Performance and Early Modern Drama


Series Editor: 

Helen Ostovich, McMaster University

This series presents original research on theatre histories and performance histories; the time period covered is from about 1500 to the early 18th century.  Studies in which women's activities are a central feature of discussion are especially of interest; this may include women as financial or technical support (patrons, musicians, dancers, seamstresses, wig-makers) or house support staff (e.g., gatherers), rather than performance per se.  We also welcome critiques of early modern drama that take into account the production values of the plays and rely on period records of performance.


Proposals should take the form of either

1.                  a preliminary letter of inquiry, briefly describing the project; or

2.                  a formal prospectus including:  abstract, table of contents, sample chapter, estimate of length, estimate of the number and type of illustrations to be included, and a c.v.


Please send a copy of either type of proposal to both the series editor and the publisher, at the addresses below:


Professor Helen Ostovich

Dept of English, CNH-321

McMaster University

Hamilton, ON  L8S 4L9  Canada

E-mail: osto[log in to unmask]


Erika Gaffney


Ashgate Publishing Company

131 Main Street

Burlington, VT  05401-5600  USA




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