I hope that everyone who is going to attend the 4Cs conference in Denver
this week will come to the Canadian Caucus session on Friday from 6-7
p.m. I don't have a room number yet, but when you get your programs, you
can look it up under S2.8.

Elizabeth Sargent, Graham Smart, Jim Bell, and Jane Freeman will be
giving short presentations. I hope we can take a few minutes to exchange
news and developments in our field in Canada.

After the caucus meeting, we will be going out for dinner together. I'm
going to try to find a reasonably-priced restaurant where we can
continue our conversations. In past years, the caucus dinner has been a
highlight of the conference for me.

For those who can't come to Denver, you can start planning your
submissions for Chicago next year (March 20-23, 2002). The theme is
"Connecting the Text and the Street".

Let's try to have both a Canadian Round Table and a caucus session next

Janice Freeman

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