Thanks, Jane, and, um, congratulations (and condolences, and thanks)
to you and Kenna . . .

> The Inkshed Newsletter has changed location and editors. The new
> editors are Jane Milton and Kenna Manos, at NSCAD, Halifax, with
> technological miracles to be performed by Russ Hunt.

I thought I should explain that the miracles will be, well, er,
limited . . . we talked at Inkshed (yet again) about the advantages
in converting the Newsletter to electronic format only (and the
disadvantages, especially to those without reasonable network access
-- a shrinking minority, but important nonetheless).

What we're considering doing is making each issue available in three
formats: (1) the HTML version, very much as it is available now (if
you haven't looked at it, click here for the current issue, the one
distributed at the conference: );

(2) a PDF version which could be downloaded with Adobe Acrobat and
printed, to produce a simulacrum of the paper copy -- with page
arrangements, etc.; and (3) on request, for paid-up members of CASLL
only, a printed and mailed paper copy (that means people who wanted
paper copies would only have to put the request in once, and we'd
set up a mailing list for them).

We'd appreciate responses to this proposal.  We expect to be
contacting paper-only subscribers (that is, I suspect, people who
might not see this electronic note) with a paper explanation of the
options as soon as Jane has a mailing list.

                                  -- Russ
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