Hi All,
the next Inkshed Newsletter will be published in September. Deadline for
submissions is August 25th. I will contact those who have already
offered a submission directly, but if there is anyone else who has been
thinking about sending something, please do. Or, if you have ideas about
items you would like to see addressed in the newsletter, send those too.

This newsletter will be the last complete paper mailout. It will include
a reply form for those who want to continue receiving a paper copy, so
if you are among those please look for this form and send it in.
Everyone else will be alerted to each publication via the listserve and
can access the newsletter on the web. It will also be available in a
downloadable format for those who can print their own hardcopies.

LAST, BUT IMPORTANTLY, I am changing my email address next Friday and
can't tell you what it is before then. I'll post it as soon as I know.
In case of technological disasters, please back up anything you send me
in the next few weeks by sending a cc to [log in to unmask]

Thanks, already looking forward to PEI,
Jane Milton

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