>I'm one of the Americans on the list - living and working in Canada. It
>means a lot
>to read your messages. Thank you.
>Ginny Ryan
>Memorial University of Newfoundland
>St. John's, NF

Dear Ginny, Andrea and all the rest of us.

it seems that  we have very few degrees of separation in this world these
days,  and American  or Canadian, or  ???  we are so deeply affected by
this tragedy. i have  relatives who have lived  and taught in Manhattan for
decades, who i know are safe, but have surely lost  colleagues and or

It must be so difficult to be so far from loved ones, and I send my heart
felt sadness and support to all those who are experiencing  loss at this

I know a  flood of language is welling up out  there  - but I  think it
will be our acts that shape the outcome for the next while.

bless us all at this time.


"We live with strangers. those we love most, with whom we share a shelter,
a table, a bed, remain mysterious. Wherever lives overlap and flow
together, there are depths of unknowing." Mary Catherine Bateson, 2000,
from Full Circles, Overlapping Lives.

Kathryn Alexander, Ph.D.
Faculty of Education,
Simon Fraser University,
Burnaby, B.C.  V5A 1S6 Canada

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