Hello all.

Our Centre for Academic Writing at the University of Winnipeg is in the
process of designing a new B.A. in rhetoric and communications, and would
like to have as much information as possible about the market for our future
graduates.  We won't be offering specialized programs such as journalism or
technical writing (though we will offer some "professional communication"-
related courses), and we won't offer applied courses in electronic media
such as TV or film.  Instead, we're designing a rhetoric-based liberal
education major, the kind of degree that places equal emphasis on theory,
practice, and analysis.  We're aiming for the well-rounded communicator, the
reflective practitioner--someone who "writes well" and knows enough about
the situated art of rhetoric to be highly adaptable.

Can any of you who have experience with majors in writing, rhetoric, or
communications share your knowledge--anecdotal or statistical--about the
kinds of jobs available to your graduates?  We expect our graduates will
make good journalists, if they choose to go in that direction.  But what
other sorts of jobs do your grads take?

Many thanks.


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