The Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society is seeking papers on the
following subjects for 2 sessions at the 2002 MLA Convention in New York City:

Theatrum Memoriae: Mnemonics in Medieval Drama.
Papers exploring the relation between psychology of memory or mnemonics and
aspects of medieval drama, including acting, characterization, imagery,
representation, theme, and manuscript study. 1-page abstracts by 8 Mar.;
Gloria J. Betcher, MRDS Secretary/Treasurer ([log in to unmask])

Medieval Page to Modern Stage.
Papers assessing any aspect of the page-to-stage process as it applies to
early drama, including performance translation, technical production or
staging, acting or characterization, etc. 1-page abstracts by 8 Mar; Gloria
J. Betcher, MRDS Secretary/Treasurer ([log in to unmask]).

We invite abstract submissions from all interested parties, including those
who are not current members of MLA; however, you should be aware that if
your paper is selected for presentation, MLA requires you to become a
member of their organization by 1 April 2002. All abstracts should be
submitted electronically so that they may be forwarded efficiently to the
session organizers for consideration. To help us sort submissions, please
indicate the name of the session for which you are submitting your abstract.

We look forward to reading your submissions!

With apologies for cross-posting,
Gloria Betcher