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Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 18:53:59 -0800
From: Sean Lawrence <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Latest issue of Early Modern Literary Studies

Early Modern Literary Studies is pleased to announce the launch of
both its January issue and of a new Special Issue on Constructions of
the Early Modern Subject. Both are available at
<> and the tables of contents
appear below.

EMLS 7.3 (January, 2002)

"Wise Handling and Faire Governance": Spenser's Female Educators.
Sarah Plant, Macquarie University.

The Politics of Persuasion: Measure for Measure and Cinthio's
Hecatommithi. "as if it had nothing belonged to her": the lives of
Catherine Burton (1668-1714) as a Discourse on Method in Early Modern
Life-writing. Nicky Hallett, University of Kent at Canterbury.

The Influence of Spenser's Faerie Queene on Kyd's Spanish Tragedy.
Frank Ardolino, University of Hawaii.

Hamlet as the Christmas Prince: Certain Speculations on Hamlet, the
Calendar, Revels and Misrule. Steve Roth.

There is also the usual complement of reviews and theatre reviews.

Constructions of the Early Modern Subject:

Introduction. Paul Dyck, Canadian Mennonite University and Mathew
Martin, Brock University.

Critical Subjects. Douglas Bruster, University of Texas at Austin.

Impostors, Monsters, and Spies: What Rogue Literature Can Tell us
about Early Modern Subjectivity. Linda Woodbridge, Pennsylvania State

Public / Private Subjectivity in the Early Modern Period: The Self
Colonizing and Colonizing the Self. Jonathan Hart, University of