From time to time, university and college computer systems reorganise and
change server names, which in turn means that all the e-mail addresses for
people on those servers also change. For example, one may go from being
[log in to unmask] to being [log in to unmask]
When this happens, there's usually a grace period, during which mail to the
old address is silently forwarded to the new one. And then it stops....

If this has never happened to you, you can stop reading now!

When teh forwarding stops, every message from REED-L to your old address
generates an annoying little error message which fortunately only I have to
see. Sometimes the error message tells me the new address and I can simply
change it. Usually, I end up just deleting the name from the list because
I've now no way to reach you....

Please, if your address changes, even though you are getting mail forwarded
from the old address to the new one, let me know at

[log in to unmask] or
[log in to unmask]

so I can change your subscription.

We now return to our regularly scheduled silence....


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