The first weekend of this production of THE ALCHEMIST was a great success.  If you live in the GTA, come out and see it!


Ben Jonson’s The Alchemist opens February 8, 2002

The Alchemist, which was written and first performed in 1610, deals with various swindles and duplicitous cons exploiting people’s gullible desire to obtain the Philosopher’s Stone, the key to transforming base metals into gold.  This robust comedy has some of the characteristics of science fiction, in its arch self-awareness of valid versus invalid technologies and the effect of imperfect knowledge of technology on human affairs.  The “get rich quick” scheme has an impact on all classes, from modest shopkeepers and office workers to fanatical Puritans and wealthy landowners, leading several characters to risk humiliation and loss in the pursuit of status and power.  In its acute and hilarious depiction of hypocrisy and greed, The Alchemist presents a timeless portrait of humanity’s fallibilities.

 Directed by Sean Wayne Doyle, The Alchemist is a co-production with Rapier-Wit

The Alchemist will be performed at Emmanuel College in room 119 (lecture hall) , 75 Queen’s Park Crescent East

  Friday, February 8 8:00 pm
 Saturday, February 9 8:00 pm
   Sunday, February 10 2:30 pm
  Friday, February 15 8:00 pm
   Saturday, February 16 8:00 pm
 Sunday, February 17 2:30 pm

Tickets are available at the door : $10 adults, $5 students & seniors
 For reservations or information call  (416) 978-5096     (latecomers cannot be admitted):