Second Call for Conference Papers on


October 4 & 5, 2002
KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Patricia Parker (Stanford)

This conference at McMaster University will explore representations of
foreignness in English writing c1550-c1650 arising from travel to remote and
exotic places as well as representations of mysterious regions of
intellectual and spiritual quest. As the conference invites a wide range of
perspectives and approaches, so we encourage participation by academics from
different disciplines such as history (social, political, economic, medical,
technological), art history, literary studies, drama, women's studies,
music, etc.

Possible topics include

*encounters with other peoples (whether Irish, Jew, Moor, African, East
Indian, American Indian, Eskimo)

*exotic food, clothing and the importation of foreign art and artifacts

*the development of museums and antiquarian collections to study and house
the foreign and mysterious

*the intellectual endeavour to uncover scientific and medical mysteries

*the realms of the supernatural, of miracles, of mystical paradox

*the early modern loss of or debunking of mystery

Proposals for further related topics are welcome.

3 copies of the papers (reading time 20 minutes) plus abstracts are
requested by the deadline date, Friday, May 31. Abstacts alone (approx
300-500 words) are also acceptable, though complete papers are preferred.
Abstracts may be submitted electronically in the body of an email letter--NO

It is expected that a volume of papers will result from the conference.
Papers from the most recent early-modern studies conference at McMaster,
"Expanding the Canon", were published in _Other Voices, Other Views_ (AUP,
1999) eds. Helen Ostovich, Mary V. Silcox and Graham Roebuck.

Papers and abstracts to:

Dr Graham Roebuck
Department of English
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON, Canada L8S 4L9

Enquiries may be made of any of the organizers:
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Further information on conference travel, accommodation, hospitality,
conference fees and keynote speakers will be posted on
(specific website to be announced) before the deadline for papers.

Helen Ostovich
Editor, EARLY THEATRE / Professor, Dept of English
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON, Canada L8S 4L9
(905)525-9140 x24496  FAX (905)777-8316