Hi Doug,

Here are some sources which I beleive could be relevant:

        Britzman, D. P. (1995). Is there a queer pedagogy? Or, stop reading
straight. Educational Theory, 45(2), 151-165.

        Crain, C. (1997). Pleasure principles: Queer theorists and gay
journalists wrestle over the politics of sex. Lingua Franca, 7(8), 26-37.

        Honeychurch, K. G. (1996). Researching dissident subjectivities:
Queering the grounds of theory and practice. Harvard Educational
Review, 66(2), 339-355.

        Waiblinger, J. [1997, November]. Queer Frontiers   1995 conference
proceedings and beyond: A scholarly resource for queer theory and
studies- Home page. URL: http://
[I think this link is dead but a search for “Queer Frontiers” might be

        Warner, M. (Ed.). (1993). Fear of a queer planet: Queer politics and
social theory. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.

        Wiegman, R. (1994). Introduction: Mapping the lesbian postmodern.
In L. Doan (Ed.) The lesbian postmodern (pp. 1-20). New York: Columbia
University Press.

Volume 13, Number 3-4, a 1992 special issue about queer rhetoric in the
journal Pre Text: A Journal of  Rhetorical Theory

I believe the entire issue of HER in which Honeychurch’s article is
included was a special gay/lesbian issue, though I don’t recall its subtitle.

The Lesbian Avengers is an activist group whose mission is, at least in
part, to advocate for a queer agenda and/or a queering of existing
agendas.  While I am not familiar with the detail, I’m sure a search for
“lesbian avengers” would turn up a lot of relevant material.

The name Judith Butler would likely also be worth pursuing.

Hope these help.

Pat Sadowy

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