Once again, the September deadline for Kalamazoo Medieval Congress session
abstracts is fast approaching. This year the Congress organizers got the
Call out late, so we're all a bit behind.

The Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society (MRDS) still has openings in all
four of its sessions:

Persistent Myths and Contested Ground, I & II (2 sessions):
These sessions will examine perceived/received notions about medieval and
Renaissance drama and the difficulty in changing these notions, especially
in textbooks. The session topic grew out of on-line discussion that
occurred on the listserv REED-L in fall 2001. We welcome abstracts for
short presentations (5-8 minutes) for a round-table format on issues
related to this topic. Some things to consider might include but are not
limited to the supposed progression of drama from church to street to
theatre; the "myth" of the four English cycles; periodization problems;
myths of the origins of performance traditions; incorrect notions that
continually appear in textbooks; practices that perpetuate the myths;
currently contested ground that appears in the guise of definitive
knowledge regarding performance and/or plays; etc. One might also consider
offering suggestions about how to bring an end to specific problems.

Mummers, Mardi Gras, and Other Visiting Maskers (organized by Max Harris):
Papers can be on any aspect of the tradition of house-to-house (or
doorway-to-doorway)  performances by visiting players (often, but not
necessarily, masked). We're interested in the theatrical as well as the
historical aspects of such performances. In other words, papers that
explore the theatricality of modern house visit performance traditions are
no less welcome than papers that work exclusively from medieval or
Renaissance records. If you can establish credible links between modern
performances and earlier traditions, so much the better. With Mummers
Plays, Mardi Gras and Carnival traditions, Hispanic posadas (Joseph and
Mary in search of lodging), Halloween/Day of the Dead, etc., there's a lot
to choose from. (You can E-mail abstracts directly to Max at
[log in to unmask] or to me at the address below.)

Drama, Liturgy, and Ceremony in the Female Monastery (1 session):
This will focus on new considerations of women's participation in dramatic
practice in the Middle Ages. Papers might could be on edited texts  of
nuns' _visitatio sepulchri_ or other liturgical plays that are beginning to
draw attention after long neglect or might bring forward new work that
offers the possiblilty of relating plays and ceremonies to their specific
contexts and the devotional and political life of a particular house.

MRDS welcomes papers on any aspects of performance suited to these general
topics. However, note that the abstracts for the Persistent Myths sessions
should be for shorter 5- to 8-minute presentations for a round-table format.

Please submit abstracts by September 15th (sooner is better) to me at the
address below. E-mail submissions are preferred because we need to send the
Conference Organizers for general sessions any abstracts not accepted by
MRDS. If you send an abstract, remember to provide your name and
affiliation, a title for your paper, your contact information (including
phone and fax numbers and e-mail address), and your A/V or computer needs
as required on the abstract cover sheet available at If you want, just
fill in the form and send it as an E-mail attachment.

We look forward to your submissions!

Gloria Betcher

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