GJB>  Persistent Myths and Contested Ground, I & II (2 sessions): [...]
GJB> The session topic grew out of on-line discussion that
GJB> occurred on the listserv REED-L in fall 2001.

Indeed,  I  tried to make a small contribution to that discussion. And
in  about  10  days I will be presenting my position to the conference
"School and Theatre" at Miskolc, Hungary.
 Its full program (with abstracts) is available on the conference homepage:

 For my paper see session I/B. Development of  School dramas

 The webpage contains more  data  about the group of scholars doing
 research in Old Hungariana Drama ('Old' meaning 'premodern').

With  thanks  to  Professor  Klausner  who  in Dec. 2001 has forwarded to our  List the
Hungarian CFP.

Best wishes,
A. Dabrowka

Andrzej Dabrówka
Polish Academy of Sciences
Institute of Literary Research
Warsaw, Poland