***Book Collection
***Tudor Drama Before 1590

Last year, we put out a call for papers for a collection on Tudor Drama
to 1590. There seems to be plenty of room for a new collection of essays
that engage historically, theoretically, and pedagogically with the
drama from the canonical moralities of the late 15th and early 16th
centuries to the development of mature public theater plays of Kyd and

The vision of the volume is to provide a collection that is of use to
students and scholars entering the field anew as well as those looking
to seek out new scholarly directions or incorporate these texts into
their courses. Thus the papers should demonstrate a grasp of work done
in the specific area of the paperís study; they should remind the reader
(with good references) of textual and non-print materials relevant to
the work; and they should engage with either better-known or lesser-read
work or works with the aims of, first, providing a new and intriguing
argument about the text(s) and topic(s), and second, leading the reader
toward opportunities for further research either in the same or in
related areas.

So far, we have received a number of high-quality submissions, but we
have been quite selective in our acceptances. This call for papers lists
the areas in which we have provisionally accepted work so that potential
new contributors can see how their interests might fit between or
alongside already-submitted work.

We would like to move fairly swiftly toward getting a solid proposal to
potential publishers, so contributors with full drafts or well-developed
ideas will be particularly welcome. Please copy abstracts and papers to
[log in to unmask] and [log in to unmask] We look forward to receiving
contributions from the REED list community.

Current contributions include:

[Physical and Spiritual Deformation and Reformation:]

Todd Pettigrew on Syphilis in Redfordís Wit and Science.
Karen Sawyer on Erasmusí Paraphrases in The Resurrection of Our Lord.
Janette Dillon on gods and goddesses on early English stages.

[Pedagogy and Drama in Playhouse and Schoolhouse]

Terry Reilly on Gorboduc and Early Modern English Legal Discourse
Concerning Inheritance.
Ursula Potter on Tudor Schools and Dramatic Performances
Chris Gaggero on Pleasure George Gascoigne and Didactic Drama.

[Playing Outside the City]

Paul White on Robin Hood
Alan Somerset on a new paradigm for examining provincial drama