Just to add a bit to what Wendy said . . . the best way to
access the WPA-L archives would actually be to go to the archive
Web site --

-- and they work just like the CASLL archives: you can search
for certain terms or phrases within specified date limits, and
it's all immediate, and you get enough context around each
instance of the phrase to be able to make a pretty good guess as
to whether it's relevant.  The email access to listserv
archives, like the email access to subscription options, is
still available but _very_ clunky.  (The folks at LISTSERV still
think email is better, but they're command-line-computing

-- Russ

> Contributions sent to this WPA list are automatically archived.
> You can get a list of the  available archive files by sending an
> "INDEX WPA-L" command to [log in to unmask]  You can  then
> order these  files with  a "GET WPA-L LOGxxxx"  command, or using
> LISTSERV's  database search facilities. Send an "INFO DATABASE"
> command for more information on the latter.

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