AC> Amelia  Carr  wrote:  I wouldn't expect to find too many images of
AC> the actual liturgy itself

The  most  probable  place  are  initials in breviaries/books of hours
containing  the  feast  of  Holy Innocents. The feast of boy-bishop is
connected with this feast day and the Divine Office.

There  are "written depictions" in sources concerning the education of
choristers.  It was the prerogative of this group within the cathedral
to choose the boy-bishop.

"In  Worcester at the end of the thirteenth century the master and his
scholars  were  accustomed  to celebrate the feast bearing tapers into
the  parish church of St Nicholas." A.F. Leach, Documents Illustrating
Early   Education   in   Worcester,  685-1700,  "Worcester  Historical
Society", 31, 1913, s. 23-26. [from:] Orme 1973, p. 131.

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Mistra  Jana  Husi sebrané spisy ceske, K.J. Erben (red.), t. 1, Praha
1865,  s.  302.  (Here  John  Hus's description of the celebrations in

The  above  are  some  footnotes from my book in (slow) progress, some
ideas   of   it   are   outlined  in  my  paper

"Medieval theatre of schools. Educational beginnings of early drama"

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