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The problem you're following up is tied in with where the plays were performed
and for whom. Meg Twycross's first article (REED Newsletter, 1978/2, 10-33)
looked at the people who paid to have the plays performed outside their doors
and came to the tentative conclusion that the houses were all on the left-hand
side of the route. She later retracted this (Medieval English Theatre 14,
1992, 77-94), citing new evidence discussed by Eileen White and David Crouch:
their published work was taken from their doctoral theses (White in Medieval
English Theatre 9:1, 1987, 23-63; Crouch in Medieval English Theatre 13, 1991,

Peter Meredith has done some work on the positioning of the waggons in
relation to the sun at York: it's in Clifford Davidson, The Iconography of
Hell (EDAM Monograph Series: Medieval Institute Publications, Kalamazoo MI c.
1994), but I don't have my copy here and can't off-hand tell you the page-
numbers. There's also a short discussion of the practical effects of side-on
and end-on performance in my Music in Early English Religious Drama II:
Minstrels Playing (Cambridge, D.S. Brewer, 2001), 496-9.

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> Thank you.   I read the article that I'm thinking about at around the same
> time that the York Staging volume of ET came out, but it wasn't part of it.
> I'll look at again at John McKinnell's article.
> I appreciate the help.
> Andrea Harbin
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>   There was a debate about side-on end-on performances on the York wagons as
> part of the York Cycle Symposium in Toronto in1998 in conjunction with the
> complete performance of the plays in one day. You can find the papers in
> Early Theatre 3, 2000. You can get information about ET by visiting our
> website Meg Twycross, who is the strongest
> advocate of the end-on position has written about it in Medieval English
> Theatre but all her articles are sited in the article by John McKinnell on
> the subject in the ET volume
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>     Several years ago, I read an article about the placement of the wagons in
> York that (if I'm remembering correctly) argued that the wagons were placed
> side-on in part to exclude the established ecclesiastic institutions.  I've
> been trying to relocate this article with no luck.  Unfortunately I had notes
> in a database which has since crashed.  Can anyone help me with this?  I can
> remember neither the title nor the author!
>     Thanks,
>     Andrea Harbin

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