There was a debate about side-on end-on performances on the York wagons as part of the York Cycle Symposium in Toronto in1998 in conjunction with the complete performance of the plays in one day. You can find the papers in Early Theatre 3, 2000. You can get information about ET by visiting our website Meg Twycross, who is the strongest advocate of the end-on position has written about it in Medieval English Theatre but all her articles are sited in the article by John McKinnell on the subject in the ET volume
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Several years ago, I read an article about the placement of the wagons in York that (if I'm remembering correctly) argued that the wagons were placed side-on in part to exclude the established ecclesiastic institutions.  I've been trying to relocate this article with no luck.  Unfortunately I had notes in a database which has since crashed.  Can anyone help me with this?  I can remember neither the title nor the author!


Andrea Harbin