I hope this is not a duplicate posting to the list.  I attempted to send it
previously but lost the connection with my ISP, and do not think that it was
sent successfully.

I have added an "Ophelia Bibliography"
(  to my website "Shakespeare and
His Critics".  This is only a working draft at this stage, but already
contains 245 items.  This Bibliography aims to list books, essays, articles,
dissertations, novels, plays and poems which are centred on or deal
extensively (or with great originality) with the character of Ophelia from
Shakespeare's "Hamlet", and which were written in English or are available
in English translation.

I would be very grateful if anybody with an interest in Ophelia would take a
look at the Bibliography, and let me know what they think.  Any additions,
corrections, or suggestions would be very welcome.   If you have read or
published any work on Ophelia (or have seen or written a play about her that
has been performed, whether published or not) which is not included in the
current Bibliography then please let me know by E-Mailing
[log in to unmask] or [log in to unmask] .

I am particularly interested in hearing about original adaptations based on
Shakespeare's play - whether plays, novels, short stories, or poems - which
are centred on Ophelia or which give a significant rereading of her place
within the play (the last category includes works like "Der Berstrafte
Brudermord" [which gives a number of new comic scenes to Ophelia]  or
W.S.Gilbert's "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern" [in which Ophelia is rescued
from Hamlet by the romantic attentions of the attendant lords], but not
works like Stoppard's "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" [in which
Ophelia is a minor character with no significant alterations from
Shakespeare's play] nor performance scripts which merely cut and edit the
Shakespearean originals without adding significant new material).  I am
interested in plays which deal significantly with Ophelia even if they have
been performed but never published.

Many thanks for any help that anybody can give me.

Thomas Larque.

"Shakespeare and His Critics"