Wow!  Darned good idea, Rob!  How about an official CASLL position
statement against the term paper???  (We can't let Doug take all - any - of
the heat, being a Calgary resident and all . . . )


--On Tuesday, April 06, 2004 9:00 PM -0400 [log in to unmask] wrote:

> While I don't mean to stifle discussion, aren't we just preaching to the
> choir here? So, let's have some suggestions about getting the message out
> beyond the sanctuary walls. How are you going to catch the Calgary Herald
> headline?
> I can see it: U of C. Prof says Bagging Essays a good first step ...
> Rob Irish

                         Marcy Bauman, PhD
                         Media Consultant
                       College of Pharmacy
                      University of Michigan

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