Hi Sally-Beth,

I think you also need to remind the executive that there were extensive
consultations last fall before REED agreed that the Internet Archive could scan
these volumes?

Speaking of scans, pix are on the way...

Cheers, alan

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Quoting Sally-Beth MacLean <[log in to unmask]>:

> This is a preliminary response to Al Margary's notice that 23 REED volumes
> are now on-line.  The reason for REED's astounding silence in the matter is
> that we were not informed that the volumes had been uploaded.  They were not
> to be uploaded on the Internet Archive site until the Creative Commons
> copyright statements had been completed and attached.  I have therefore
> requested this morning that the volumes be removed from the Internet Archive
> site until the necessary final steps have been taken.
> As soon as we conclude our arrangements with the Internet Archive you can be
> assured that we will announce the details of their on-line availability.
> Stay tuned.
> Sally-Beth MacLean
> REED Executive Editor/Associate Director