Hi all,

I'd like to encourage Inkshedders to be involved in the upcoming
Association of Teachers of Technical Writing 2006 conference. It will
be held in conjunction with CCCC in Chicago.

Information for submitting a proposal can be found at the ATTW website

I've pasted the cfp below. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Looking forward to seeing a strong contingent in again this year!

- brent
Brenton Faber
ATTW Conference 2006 Program Chair
Associate Professor Communication & Media
Clarkson University
Potsdam NY 13699-5760
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Call for Papers

Association of Teachers of Technical Writing
9th Annual Conference

                             Proposals due:  October 28, 2005
                             Proposals accepted: September 12, 2005

Wednesday, March 22, 2005, 8:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
In conjunction with the 2005 CCCC Annual Convention (March 22-25)
Chicago, Illinois

ATTW invites proposals for papers, panels, and poster presentations  
to be given at its annual conference immediately preceding the CCCC.  
The full-day event includes concurrent sessions, poster  
presentations, book exhibits, and opportunities for exchanging ideas,  
working on projects, and networking in a supportive and challenging  
academic environment.

Conference theme: Technology as Text
This year's conference will explore our field's unique relationships  
with technology. We will explore and examine new research, teaching  
methods, workplace practices, and administrative activities that  
inform and teach us about new, current, and past  technologies. The  
goal of these presentations will be to help us better understand and  
practice technical communication and communication in scientific,  
professional, and workplace contexts.

Inform, Teach, Critique
We challenge participants to create presentations that will inform  
the field about new communication technologies and at the same time  
interrogate these technologies for their social, ethical, technical,  
practical, environmental, or material implications. Rather than look  
to tutorials or demonstrations, we are seeking robust studies,  
explorations, and research partnerships that engage subjects on  
several levels and demonstrate new ways to study and report on the  
technologies that we invent, use, and are subject to in workplace,  
academic, and daily practices.

Potential Topics
Some particular areas of interest include (but aren’t limited to)  
research that examines,

     * the implications, challenges, and rewards a specific  
technology brings to communication practices,
     * connections between technological and theoretical knowledge  
     * relationships of our own technology learning to the practice  
of scholarship: what does mastering a new technology or creating new  
technology, constitute in terms of our scholarly, intellectual  
     * presentations that teach and interrogate a specific technology,
     * the social values associated with specific communication  
technologies including the economic value, ethical implications, and  
value added of communication technologies,
     * pedagogies that enable students to engage, address, and use  
communication technologies
     * research methods that the field can use to examine and  
understand new, current, and past communication technologies.
     * investigations into the social contexts in which technologies  
are implemented and used.

Proposals, limited to 200 words, are due October 28, 2004.  We offer  
two general formats:

Regular Sessions: 15 minute talks within 45-minute panel  
presentations. We will give presenters the opportunity to post copies  
of their presentation or paper at the ATTW Conference site  
approximately two weeks before the conference.

Poster Presentations:  We will include opportunities for posters  
(3'x4') to be presented throughout the day with special times  
dedicated for conversations and specific discussions regarding this  

Submit proposals for regular sessions via the ATTW website at http://  Connect to the site, register (or enter your  
password), then follow the links for conference paper submissions.  
All proposals will be peer reviewed. Proposals will be accepted after  
September 12, 2005.

Workshop Sessions: We will make room for two 1 1/2-hour workshops as  
an alternative to panels of speakers. Workshops might focus on  
pedagogical issues, strategies for working with external partners,  
consulting, or research issues. Please submit workshop proposals  
directly to Brenton Faber at Clarkson University ([log in to unmask]).

Registration and updates will also be available on ATTW’s e-mail  
discussion list (ATTW-L) and web site ( For additional  
information, contact Brenton Faber at Clarkson University  
([log in to unmask]) or Bill Karis at Clarkson University  
([log in to unmask]).

  To leave the list, send a SIGNOFF CASLL command to
  [log in to unmask] or, if you experience difficulties,
         write to Russ Hunt at [log in to unmask]

For the list archives and information about the organization,
    its newsletter, and the annual conference, go to