Hi Kathryn,

It's also in

>     Sargent, M. E. & Paraskevas C. C. (2005). Conversations about 
> writing: Eavesdropping, Inkshedding, and joining in. Toronto, ON: 
> Thomson-Nelson.


Kathryn Alexander wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am working on integrating writing-intensive learning into curriculum 
> and course work at SFU, and I discussed Inkshedding with a faculty 
> member in Archeology and he wants to try it out.
> Now I am looking for a primer on how to do an INKSHED, or rather how 
> to tell a  faculty member how to teach and use an inkhed  -  is it 
> printed or posted anywhere?
> Many thanks
> Kathryn 

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