With Roger's help, this is what I came up with for the proposal.

Any suggestions before I send it?
The institutional climate in Canada is somewhat similar to that of 
the U.S. in that we, Canadian scholars, find it worthwhile to attend 
CCCC. However, there are important differences between American and 
Canadian institutional cultures to warrant a space for discussing 
problems, developments, and ideas that are particularly relevant for 
Canadian scholars.

The proposed SIG meeting will discuss WAC/WID developments, focusing 
on the programmatic initiatives, developments, as well as specific 
approaches in the Canadian context. This session will begin by having 
participants introduce themselves. The moderator will then pose a 
series of discussion questions/issues based on contributions from 
attendees. These discussion questions will be drawn from the follwoing list:

- How is the teaching of writing made possible without "teaching writing"?
- How can writing proficiency be assessed in WAC/WID courses?
- What is the role of writing centers in WAC/WID?
- What is the inter-faculty relationship between groups teaching writing?
- How does service learning fit into WID/WAC?
- What role do meta-skills play in engineering WID/WAC courses?
- How can writing fellows help in WID/WAC programs?

Because of  shared concerns, We request that the Canadian Caucus SIG 
not be held in the same time slot as the WAC/WID SIG.

The Canadian Caucus SIG dates back to the 1980s. It has performed an 
important social function in addition to the intellectual exchange 
referred to above. The SIG gives Canadian CCCCs participants a place 
to meet, to talk about sessions they have been to, and for new CCCCs 
members to develop relationships with regular CCCCs attendees. We 
estimate that 20-25 people will attend the SIG session in New York.

Tosh Tachino, M.A., B.A. Honors
Ph.D. Student, Iowa State University
Rhetoric and Professional Communication
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