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Subject: 	CFP: Genre conference in Brazil August 07
Date: 	Sat, 15 Apr 2006 12:06:44 -0700
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Come Join us in Florianopolis, Brazil for the next Genre conference

4th International Symposium on Genre Studies - SIGET

Florianópolis-SC, Brazil
August, 15th-17 th, 2007


The large and active Brazilian genre research community invites the 
international genre research community to join in  SIGET IV.   We invite 
genre researchers from around the world to see this as the next 
manifestation of the spontaneous series of genre conferences in Ottawa, 
Vancouver, and Oslo, and at the same time as a chance to participate in 
the now regularly occurring Brazilian symposia.
In its previous versions (2003, 2004 and 2005), which took place in 
Brazil, SIGET gradually increased its international scope. As a way of 
strengthening this trend, the forthcoming conference includes a 
scientific committee comprised of researchers from different countries.  
To enable foreign delegates do participate fully, the event will be held 
in Portuguese and in English. The papers will be grouped according to 
the language of presentation, and there will be simultaneous 
translations of the plenary sessions (English to Portuguese and vice-versa).
SIGET aim at:
1) putting together researchers interested in genre studies;
2) facilitating discussions on theoretical and applied subjects related 
to research on genre; 3) making public theoretical and applied studies 
that can contribute to re-thinking the approaches and perspectives on 
this subject;
4) raising pedagogical and political questions that will lead to policy 
The conference will include lectures, round tables, workshops, panels, 
individual paper sessions and posters.
SIGET is also opened to elementary and high school teachers, to 
University lecturers, as well as to professionals of other areas who 
want to extend their knowledge on the subjects focused here.

- Genre analysis;
- Genre and language teaching-learning;
- Genre and teacher training;
- Genre and social practices;
- Genre analysis methodology;
- Other topics related to genre.

- Amy Devitt, University of Kansas (USA)
- Anis Bawarshi, University of Washington (USA)
- Anna Elizabeth Balloco, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
- Anna Rachel Machado, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo 
- Ann Johns, San Diego State University (USA)
- Anthony Pare, McGill University (Canada)
- Antônia Dilamar Araújo, Universidade Estadual do Ceará (Brazil)
- Aviva Freedman, Carleton University (Canada)
- Bernard Schneuwly, University of Geneva (Switzerland)
- Bernardete Biasi-Rodrigues, Universidade Federal do Ceará (Brazil)
- Britt-Louise Gunnarsson, Uppsala University (Sweden)
- Carol Berkenkotter, University of Minnesota (USA)
- Carolyn Miller, North Carolina State University (USA)
- Cathy Schryer,  Waterloo University (Canada)
- Charles Bazerman - University of California, Santa Barbara (USA)
- David Russell, Iowa State University (USA)
- Désirée Motta-Roth, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (Brazil)
- Graham Smart, Carleton University Ottawa (Canada)
- Gisele de Carvalho, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
- Greg Myers, Lancaster University (UK)
- Ingedore G. V. Koch, Universidade de Campinas (Brazil)
- Jim Martin, University of Sydney (Austrália)
- J. L. Meurer, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Brazil)
- John Swales, University of Michigan (USA)
- Marcos Baltar, Universidade de Caxias do Sul (Brazil)
- Maria Aparecida Lopis-Rossi, Universidade de Taubaté (Brazil)
- Maria Marta Furlanetto - Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina (Brazil)
- Norman Fairclough, Lancaster University (UK)
- Orlando Vian Jr., Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (Brazil)
- Paul Prior, University of Illinois (USA)
- Rosângela Hammes Rodrigues, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina 
- Roxane Rojo, Universidade de Campinas (Brazil)
- Ruquiaya Hasan, MacQuarie University (Australia)
- Vera Cristóvão, Universidade de Londrina (Brazil)
- Vijay Bhatia,  City University of Hong Kong (China)

1) Panel: Oral presentation and discussion of three (or four) works 
sharing a common subject, under the coordination of one of the 
participants. The coordinator submits the proposal, indicating the other 
speakers. Each presentation can last up to 20 minutes and, at the end of 
the session, all the presenters will have 15 minutes for an open 
discussion. The total duration of the session will be one hour and 35 
minutes. Presenters must be doctors or PhD students.
2) Individual paper: Oral presentation of a research study or research 
in progress. Each presentation can last up to 20 minutes, plus 10 
minutes for debate and questioning. This mode of presentation is open to 
masters, doctors, and PhD students.
3) Poster: Discussion with participants regarding the contents displayed 
in the poster. The session will last 30 minutes. This category of 
presentation is open to undergraduates and master's students.

1) Works must be submitted either in Portuguese or in English;
2) Each author can propose only one paper and only by e-mail;
3) The work must be presented by one of the authors;
4) Submission procedures:
- the author(s) sends the submission form, including the abstract, to 
[log in to unmask] The form can be found at the end of this document.
- all abstracts will be refereed;
- the author(s) will be informed of the acceptance or refusal of the paper;
- after the paper is accepted, the author must pay the registration, 
following procedures which will be made available soon (see deadlines 
- for publication of the paper in the conference proceedings, authors 
must send the full text. Information on text formatting will be 
available soon (see deadlines below);
- after the submission of papers, it will be possible for non-paper 
presenters to register (see deadlines below). Registrations for the 
workshops will be also opened at this time;
5) The abstracts must:
- include a title, author(s) name(s), and affiliation;
- be typed in Times New Roman, size 12;
- contain between 150 and 250 words;
6) The abstracts must clearly indicate:
- an overview of the topic, including its relevance;
- the objectives of the paper;
- the theoretical framework for the paper and/or the field of debate to 
which the paper belongs;
- a description of how the work was carried out (procedures/ strategies; 
research subjects/ documents; equipment/ environment; etc.);
- a description of the results (specifying, if necessary, the measures 
and statistical calculations applied);
- a description of the conclusions, which must be related to the results 
and the aims of the research.
[The three first items are essential, and must be part of all works, 
including theoretical papers and research in progress.]
7) For other queries, please e-mail us at [log in to unmask] .

- Abstract submission: June 1 - August 31, 2006;
- Notification of acceptance: till September 30, 2006;
- Registration deadline: December 30, 2006;
- Full paper submission deadline: Mars 31, 2007;
- Non-speaker registration: March 1 - April 30, 2007.

A) Brazilian participants:
- up to 31/10/06: R$ 120,00;
- up to 30/11/06: R$ 150,00;
- up to 30/12/06: R$ 180,00.
B) Other countries:
- up to 31/10/06: US$ 100,00;
- up to 30/11/06: US$ 120,00;
- up to 30/12/06: US$ 140,00;
2) WITHOUT PAPER PRESENTATION - from 1/03/07 to 30/04/07:
A) Brazilian participants: R$ 100,00;
B) Other countries: US$ 80,00.

(Coming up soon)

- Adair Bonini - Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina
- Débora de Carvalho Figueiredo - Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina
- Charles Bazerman - University of California, Santa Barbara

- Fábio José Rauen - Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina
- Maria Marta Furlanetto - Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina
- Mariléia Silva dos Reis - Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina
- Solange Maria Leda Gallo - Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina
- Wilson Schuelter - Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina

Professor Charles Bazerman             
Chair, Department of Education                 
Gevirtz Graduate School of Education
University of California, Santa Barbara    
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
phone: 805-893-7543                             
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