We're clearing some time to work on the next edition of the Inkshed newsletter. Please consider sending any (or all) of the following:
book reviews, short and long
opinion pieces
reflections on teaching (yesterday I had a student come in to complain about a grade she anticipated getting even though the course is barely 2 weeks old and the first assignment isn't due for another week or so; have similar things happened to you? how did you handle them? what do you make of such a request?)
longer articles
research notes and queries--I keep coming across publications of other inkshedders while doing my own research--perhaps we should keep a sort of informal bibliography so other inkshedders know who is working on what areas of interest?
news, such as the University of Alberta proposal on writing
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Roger Graves, Heather Graves

Dr.  Roger Graves
Director of Writing and Technical & Professional Communication
University of Western Ontario
London, ON N6A 3K7

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