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Dear Canadian colleagues:

Two innovative positions are open at the University of Toronto at 
Mississauga, both with the Bob Gillespie Academic Skills Centre. Both 
positions are full-time faculty appointments at the rank of Lecturer, 
governed by the policy at 
In their fifth year of work, Lecturers are reviewed for promotion to the 
rank of Senior Lecturer, which is a continuing appointment equivalent to 
tenure. Salaries and benefits are comparable to those of other faculty 
members at the University of Toronto.

One of these positions focusses on writing, critical thinking, and 
reading in the disciplines: see 
Note that the deadline for applications has been extended until November 
24, 2006. The intended start date is January 2, 2007.

The other position specializes in science education: see 
The application deadline is November 1, 2006, and the start date is 
either January 2, 2007 or July 1, 2007.

Please apply if you are qualified and interested, and let your 
colleagues and senior graduate students know about these openings.

With thanks,

Margaret Procter
University of Toronto Coordinator, Writing Support
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