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Subject:        [M-R] CFP: Medieval Theories of Theatre, Medieval Congress,
Kalamazoo, MI (9/5/07; 5/8-11/08)
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CFP: Medieval Theories of Theatre, International Congress on Medieval
Studies, Kalamazoo, MI (9/5/07; 5/8-11/08)

Theatrical theory from the Middle Ages is often defined and anthologized
as clerical texts that reflect anti-theatrical prejudices. In reality,
texts from the medieval period articulate a broad range of opinions
about theatre's role in society. In addition, we can also identify
theatrical theory in medieval performance practices. Staging choices,
dramatic imagery, character interactions, performance conditions,
actor/audience relationships, and records of reception and regulation
all provide us with further evidence of the ways in which medieval
communities and individuals conceptualized theatre. These practices
reveal the same attention to issues of genre, function, intention,
value, and decorum commonly associated with pre- and post-medieval
theatrical theory. This panel seeks papers that employ a flexible
definition of "theatrical theory" in order to demonstrate the variety of
ways in which theatre and performance were theorized during the Middle
Ages. Work from all medieval periods and geographies are welcome. *Send
one-page abstract with contact information to Jill Stevenson at
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5th , 2007**.*

This session is sponsored by the Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society.
You can find information about the 43rd International Medieval
Congress, which will take place from May 8-11, 2008 at Western Michigan
University, at the congress website:

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