We would like to bring to your attention a Wednesday workshop at CCCC
called "Research in Genre." This workshop is a response to David
Russell's call to create a research symposium within CCCC, in which
participants can workshop their complete manuscripts with the explicit
goals of publishing these manuscripts.

As our first effort to hold such a symposium, we asked seven people to
bring their complete manuscripts and circulate them two weeks before the
conference. As a participant, you will have a chance to read these
papers to find out some of the latest research in genre studies. But
more importantly, you can contribute to the disciplinary scholarship by
providing your insights to these manuscripts. We ask all participants to
read at least three of these manuscripts and write comments that will
help these writers to turn their manuscripts into publications.

We encourage you to bring your work-in-progress paper as well, as you
will have a chance to discuss it during the workshop. You will receive
feedback on your drafts from other participants who share your research
interests. In addition, we will collectively brainstorm research ideas
and discuss future directions in genre studies so that our scholarship
in genre will continue to thrive.

The complete abstract of our workshop is available at:

Tosh Tachino, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Rhetoric, Writing, and Communication
University of Winnipeg
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