The latest edition of the Inkshed Newsletter is up on the web:

It features three book reviews, two of Wendy Strachan's  Writing  
Intensive: Becoming W-Faculty in a New Writing Curriculum  and one of  
Rhetorical Genre Studies and Beyond, edited by Natasha Artemeva and  
Aviva Freedman. Information about the CASDW conference in Ottawa, the  
CSSR conference in Montreal, and the CWCA meeting in Fredericton is  
included, as well as a link to Tania Smith's blog.

I'd like to put my own plug in for Writing Intensive: Becoming W- 
Faculty in a New Writing Curriculum. This book tells important stories  
about how curricular change occurs and the factors that influence it.  
I'm particularly interested in the administrative positioning of the  
the various writing initiatives and how that positioning affects the  
nature of the instruction that gets delivered. If you don't have time  
or access to the book, make sure you read the reviews by Margaret  
Proctor and Theresa Hyland.

On an equally important note, I found Tosh Tachino's review of  
Rhetorical Genre Studies and Beyond to be extremely useful as a quick  
refresher guide to the RGS approach to discourse studies and to the  
limits and advantages of that approach.

For the next issue, we'd like to encourage notes, ideas, and thought  
experiments of all kinds on this topic: Inkshed 2.0. It is clear that  
there will not be an Inkshed conference this summer, so we think that,  
as an organization, Inkshed needs to be re-invented. Any thoughts on  
how to do proceed with this would be most welcome, and this summer I'd  
like to convene a working group to create the next version. If you are  
interested, email me offline ([log in to unmask]).

Heather Graves and Roger Graves, Co-editors

Roger Graves
Director, WAC and Acting Director, Centre for Writers
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