Would your Dean like to play King?  Would your students like to build a few

A version of *The Magnificent Entertainmen*t by Thomas Dekker and Ben Jonson
for King James's royal entry in 1603/04 was edited by Richard Dutton
in *Jacobean
Civic Pageants*, published by Keele UP in 1996.



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> Hall's Chronicle has some royal entry descriptions (there's a notable one
> of Anne Boleyn's in 1533). For an actual text, see Gordon Kipling's  "The
> London Pageants for Margaret of Anjou" [1445],  Med. Engl. Theatre 4.1
> (1982); and Kipling has also done a book-length edition of the various MSS
> on the 1501 reception of Katherine of Aragon, The Receyt of the Ladie
> Kateryne (EETS 1990). Then there is Elizabeth I's 1559 "Passage"--found in,
> e.g., the Arthur Kinney anthology of Ren. plays. Back in 1432 there is Henry
> VI's entry into London upon returning from his coronation in France:
>  descriptive poem by Lydgate.... Kipling's Enter the King (1998) has some
> European examples as well as English ones.
> Anne Lancashire
> ccoulson2 wrote:
>> Hello REED-ers,
>> I have a slightly odd question which requires a little back-story before I
>> pose it.
>> We at Shenandoah Conservatory are eagerly anticipating the re-opening of a
>> bridge which runs between the two main buildings in which our faculty teach
>> and have offices. The bridge has been closed since September, and this has
>> inconvenienced many of the faculty and students (especially with all our
>> snow). Our Dean has decided to have a "Mock" Heroic Grand opening for the
>> bridge, late in March, complete with trumpet fanfares, banners, a choir,
>> dancing, and 'fireworks'. I have volunteered to find an appropriate reading,
>> and I was thinking of a royal entry, or something which catalogues great
>> deeds. The entire thing will have artistic integrity, but will be performed
>> with a sense of fun.
>> I was wondering if anyone could suggest specific texts, especially things
>> published through REED. I have easy access to and knowledge of lots of play
>> texts, but am less familiar with the body of occasional texts.
>> Thanks so much,
>> Carolyn Coulson-Grigsby
>> Carolyn Coulson-Grigsby
>> Assistant Professor of Theatre and Humanities
>> Shenandoah University
>> Winchester, VA 22602
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