In addition to the royal entries (Elvetham?), something from The Faerie Queene IV.xi might work (the procession of rivers for the marriage between the Medway and the Thames).


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Not without a little self-interest, I'd recommend--although it will  
need some cutting, Bernard Garter's effort for Elizabeth's entry to  
Norwich in 1578 [?]. Lots of bits to choose from, most of which are in  
the REED Norfolk edited by Joanne Dutka. Sounds like fun: send pictures.
Cheers, Terry Wade

> Hello REED-ers,
> I have a slightly odd question which requires a little back-story  
> before I pose it.
> We at Shenandoah Conservatory are eagerly anticipating the re- 
> opening of a bridge which runs between the two main buildings in  
> which our faculty teach and have offices. The bridge has been closed  
> since September, and this has inconvenienced many of the faculty and  
> students (especially with all our snow). Our Dean has decided to  
> have a "Mock" Heroic Grand opening for the bridge, late in March,  
> complete with trumpet fanfares, banners, a choir, dancing, and  
> 'fireworks'. I have volunteered to find an appropriate reading, and  
> I was thinking of a royal entry, or something which catalogues great  
> deeds. The entire thing will have artistic integrity, but will be  
> performed with a sense of fun.
> I was wondering if anyone could suggest specific texts, especially  
> things published through REED. I have easy access to and knowledge  
> of lots of play texts, but am less familiar with the body of  
> occasional texts.
> Thanks so much,
> Carolyn Coulson-Grigsby
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