Would your Dean like to play King?  Would your students like to build a few arches?

A version of The Magnificent Entertainment by Thomas Dekker and Ben Jonson for King James's royal entry in 1603/04 was edited by Richard Dutton in Jacobean Civic Pageants, published by Keele UP in 1996.



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Hall's Chronicle has some royal entry descriptions (there's a notable one of Anne Boleyn's in 1533). For an actual text, see Gordon Kipling's  "The London Pageants for Margaret of Anjou" [1445],  Med. Engl. Theatre 4.1 (1982); and Kipling has also done a book-length edition of the various MSS on the 1501 reception of Katherine of Aragon, The Receyt of the Ladie Kateryne (EETS 1990). Then there is Elizabeth I's 1559 "Passage"--found in, e.g., the Arthur Kinney anthology of Ren. plays. Back in 1432 there is Henry VI's entry into London upon returning from his coronation in France:  descriptive poem by Lydgate.... Kipling's Enter the King (1998) has some European examples as well as English ones.
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Hello REED-ers,
I have a slightly odd question which requires a little back-story before I pose it.
We at Shenandoah Conservatory are eagerly anticipating the re-opening of a bridge which runs between the two main buildings in which our faculty teach and have offices. The bridge has been closed since September, and this has inconvenienced many of the faculty and students (especially with all our snow). Our Dean has decided to have a "Mock" Heroic Grand opening for the bridge, late in March, complete with trumpet fanfares, banners, a choir, dancing, and 'fireworks'. I have volunteered to find an appropriate reading, and I was thinking of a royal entry, or something which catalogues great deeds. The entire thing will have artistic integrity, but will be performed with a sense of fun.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest specific texts, especially things published through REED. I have easy access to and knowledge of lots of play texts, but am less familiar with the body of occasional texts.

Thanks so much,

Carolyn Coulson-Grigsby

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