Thanks to Russ, Margaret and Brock for their work on behalf of Inkshed. I would  very much like to see a revival of the Inkshed conference, and I think it may have to begin with something like a membership drive, but I am a bit puzzled by the dues request as the first order of business. As a past- Treasurer, I recall that we used membership dues to offset any deficits incurred by the annual conferences, and most importantly to subsidize graduate students attending those conferences. When I resigned as Treasurer, we had over $5,000 in the bank. Can you tell us what the balance is now? And should we be collecting more money when there is no clear mandate for what Inkshed will do with it? 

Happy New Year! 


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As Russ mentioned in his message earlier today regarding the CASLL listserve, in the not-too-distant future we'll need to make some important decisions regarding the future form of the association and the Inkshed conference.  Last year, we held a one-day Inkshed meeting as a special supplement to the CASDW meeting at Congress, and it may well be, as Russ said, that something similar will be organized this year; however, in order to plan that properly, and then to be in a position to make those important decisions, we need to reconstitute the association itself.

Last year's Inkshed meeting, for the benefit of those who didn't attend, was a modest effort to return Inkshed to something like its original form as a "working conference:" there were no conventional papers or presentations; instead the day was spent in general discussion and in collective review of work-in-progress brought by various attendees.  It was a very successful event, and I think many of us would agree that there is great value in continuing to have a conference of this kind, an alternative to the ordinary or conventional form of academic get-together. 

The problem is, at present there is no active CASLL executive and in a sense no real CASLL membership: no one has paid membership dues for several years.  (Patricia Patchet-Golubev, the last properly elected Treasurer, has resigned the position and turned the administration of CASLL's remaining funds over to me, which I suppose makes me Acting Treasurer for the time being.)  To determine the future of the association, we need a membership drive, hence this message.

If you would like to have a say (and more importantly a vote!) in determining the future of CASLL, please send $40 membership dues for the current year ($20 for grad students) to me at the address below.  Make your check out to CASLL, or in full, the Canadian Association for the Study of Language and Learning.  Paid-up members will not need to pay to attend this year's Inkshed meeting. 

Roger Graves has suggested that we set February 15th as a kind of target date for this membership drive; at that point, we will initiate an online discussion among members re organizing this year's meeting. 

Calling all Inkshedders!


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