Hello everyone and happy news.

"The Yearbook of English Studies" for 2013, dedicated to early English  
drama, has now been published. From the MHRA:

"The Yearbook of English Studies 2013 is devoted to early English  
drama, ranging from what is generally understood as 'medieval' to  
plays of the early Tudor period, while also including chapters on  
modern theatrical responses to the surviving corpus of texts. The  
volume is edited by Pamela King (Professor of English at the  
University of Glasgow), Sue Niebrzydowski (Senior Lecturer in Medieval  
English Literature at Bangor University, Wales) and Diana Wyatt  
(Research Associate at the University of Durham). This rich and varied  
collection is deliberately loosely ordered in order to encourage the  
reader to think again about the old canonical categories, particularly  
'mysteries' and 'moralities'. The authors lead the reader to engage  
with recent scholarship in the field which has, for example, drawn on  
archival research into lost plays to question old certainties about  
genre, about chronology, and about evolution, and which has taken  
another look at surviving texts in ways that resist categorization,  
and found them to be more problematic than hitherto assumed."

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Carolyn Black, REED Project Manager