Dear Inkshed colleagues:

I'm shocked to learn that Wilfrid Laurier University has just terminated 
the position of its writing-centre manager Boba Samuels. She was told on 
Tuesday that her position was redundant and immediately escorted 
off-campus, along with several other staff members in other university 

The former (and now retired) manager Emmy Misser wrote a scathing letter 
to a Waterloo newspaper asking the university's president to explain 
this decision:

Emmy encourages other people in the writing-studies community outside 
Laurier to let the administration know that we value writing-centre work 
and deplore this cut. She notes that the service is a highly efficient 
small operation: "An attack on writing is fundamentally an 
anti-intellectual move. Is that what Laurier now is about?"

The contact page for WLU senior administration is, and a link at the 
bottom of the page leads to a Faculty and Staff Directory with a search 
function for email addresses. I'm going to write the president Dr. Max 
Blouw myself, and hope many others will join me.

Should CASLL as an organization also take this up?

Margaret Procter
(retired) University of Toronto

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