Hi, Clifford.

Since the deadline for panel proposals at Kalamazoo is September 15, I won’t know whetheror not it’s been accepted until some time after, when it’s gone through the usual peer review process  This means, of course, that anyone else who admires VA Kolve could still climb aboard this wagon.   Testiimonials as to how Kolve has affected one’s  teaching/staging/performance pracrice would be especially welcome, to supplement or bring up to date the previous statements in such texts as the *Approaches to Teaching Medieval English Drama,* edited by Richard Emmerson (MLA, 1990) — a lovely book but published over 20 years ago  and almost demanding the kind of updating proposed here, not only in theoretical consideration of “game theory” — or theories? — but in practical, theatre-oriented discussions of how exactly Kolve’s ideas *work* — hsaver worked! — onstage.  You’ll be in the neighborhood, I see, and your own interest and experience wouldt help fill out this procession and perhaps start a scene or two - John

 PS: Anyonee llse who would like to contact me off-list, to speed up things, please use my email — [log in to unmask] — for that purpose; my cell-phone # is 301-219-2201, and of course my Facebook or LinkedIn profile would be a shortcut means of measuring how tall — or short — I am 

— John..

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Dear Mr. McLaughlin

I hope you are succeeding in your project. Is it accepted? or would this be a late entry (usually of only individual papers). I think an okay project, since Kolve is still being cited and respected, though so much has happened in recent years. I am busy with a book, I am sure my last, which is quite far from Kolve at the moment, andI have not been in touch with anyone who might help you on this topic recently.

Best wishes,
Clifford Davidson

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> How are you?  I’m working on a paper for Kalamazoo next May, on VA
> Kolve etc.  (Interestingly, he refers to Brecht on only one page in
> his entire book — yet we keep talking about Brecht/Kolve stagecraft
> onstage in medieval theatre. H’m)  Is anyone here interested in
> getting together a panel about Kolve for next year’s Kalamazoo?