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SOCAAR is pleased to announce our next seminar:

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

2 – 3 PM
200 College Street, WB 407


Bridging cloud condensation nuclei activity and volatility of oxidized organic aerosol


Shunsuke Nakao

Assistant Professor


Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Clarkson University



Aging of atmospheric organic aerosol (OA) has been studied in terms of average molecular properties such as elemental ratios (O/C, H/C), volatility, and hygroscopicity. Correlations between O/C and hygroscopicity (or cloud condensation nuclei activity), represented by org, are a computationally efficient approach to estimate the impact of aerosol aging on cloud formation and climate; however, previously reported correlations between these two variables are largely empirical and vary widely in their slopes and extrapolations to high O/C values. I will present a theoretical framework based on inferred molecular formulas (CxHyOz) to constrain the relationships between org, O/C, volatility, and molecular size. I will use the theoretical framework to analyze previously-reported data for observed org of highly oxidized OA to extract additional information on physicochemical properties of organic aerosol.


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