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Please join this special seminar and panel discussion on May 13 as the local launch of our Utrecht, Chinese University of Hong Kong and UofT Tripartite public health research collaboration.   The seminar speaker will be Dr. Roel Vermeulen from Utrecht University.   The event will be hosted by DLSPH and co-sponsored by SOCAAR, along with PHO, CREOD and OCRC outside of UofT.  




The Exposome: New approaches to decoding the complexity of

environmental exposures and interactions


Friday May 13, 12:001:30

Room 106 Health Science Building

155 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 3M7


Many chronic diseases are now believed to be due to a combination of an individual’s genome and their cumulative environmental exposure. Exposome, analogous to genome, is a bold conceptual leap, seeking to bridge the roles of the environment and genome in human disease. The University of Toronto just signed a tripartite agreement with Utrecht University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong; a focus will be collaboration on exposomics research. This event will serve as UofT’s launch for this initiative. The talks will introduce the exposome, identify related research needs and challenges, and provide ongoing and proposed initiatives in Canada and abroad.


Moderator: Paul Demers, Cancer Care Ontario and DLSPH


Seminar Speaker: Dr. Roel Vermeulen. Utrecht University



·         Dr. Howard Hu, Dean, DLSPH

·         Dr. Jeff Brook, Environment and Climate Change Canada and DLSPH

·         Dr. Greg Evans, Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry and DLSPH