We are pleased to announce the availability of Segtools 1.1.11!

This release is primarily a bug fix release. Notably Segtools is now up 
to date with one of it's dependencies making installing Segtools much 

Here is a full list of changes made since the last announcement here:


* segtools-signal-distribution: Switched to using "longdouble" 
precision, in order to provide more accurate mean and variance 
estimates. (Max Libbrecht)

Bug Fixes:
* segtools-aggregation: fix bug: --mode gene option resulted in "ufunc 
'rint' output (typecode 'd') could not be coerced to provided output 
parameter (typecode 'l') according to the casting rule ''same_kind''"
* segtools-aggregation: fix bug described in the Issue #44: Segtools 
aggregate in gene mode not necessarily pick the longest transcript. 
(Mickael Mendez)
* replaced deprecated rpy2 calls to "set_writeconsole"

Known Bugs: To see all known bugs head to the issue tracker at