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In celebration of Early Theatre's twentieth birthday, I am pleased to announce the publication of volume 20 issue 2 (Dec. 2017), which includes several articles and Issues in Review forum essays of particular interest for feminist scholars.

Early Theatre 20.2 Table of Contents


Helen Ostovich, Melinda J. Gough, Erin Kelly


The Salting Down of Gertrude: Transgression and Preservation in Three Early German Carnival Plays 

Stephen K. Wright  

The Physician and His Servant in the Croxton Play of the Sacrament 

Jillian Linster 

Rape, Massacre, the Lucrece Tradition, and Alarum for London 

Georgina Lucas  

Sejanus, the King’s Men Altar Scenes, and the Theatrical Production of Paganism 

John Kuhn  

‘[Overhearing]’: Printing Parentheses and Reading Power in Ben Jonson’s Sejanus 

Ian Burrows  


Much Virtue in O-Oh: A Case Study 

Alan C. Dessen  

Issues In Review: Beaumont400 (Lucy Munro, contributing editor) 

Introduction: Beaumont400 

Lucy Munro  

Beaumont’s Lives 

Lucy Munro  

‘The Grocers Honour’: or, Taking the City Seriously in The Knight of the Burning Pestle 

Tracey Hill 

Reading Performance, Reading Gender: Early Encounters with Beaumont and Fletcher’s The Scornful Lady in Print

Simon Smith 

The Future Francis Beaumont

Eoin Price 


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