Let me try to respond to a number of emails in one, to avoid causing unnecessary RSI . . .

Doug says he thinks it's good to have the newsletters accessible, but says that's already happening: on the other hand, Carl says he couldn't find his own article in it, looking for it specifically. I think the issue is practical accessibility, and right now, where it is on the CASDW site, it's accessible but not exactly findable. It's like being on the library shelf but not in the catalog. I think that's the point Natasha makes, and Carolyn agrees with (as do I).

Kathy makes what I think is a brilliant suggestion: a wikipedia entry. I am (or anyway was at one time) a wikipedia editor. I propose to explore that and draft an entry, inviting other inkshedders to become editors (or exercise their editorship) to help. Not sure how quickly that can happen, because I'm off for Scotland and Ireland for a couple of weeks on Tuesday, and my dance card for the next few days is filling up, but I'll take a run at it.

I'm puzzled by Lois' posting, but on the assumption that it was intended for me and went to the list in error (like Brenda's signoff message), I'll suggest it be ignored on the list.

I'd like to reiterate (contra Doug) that I think the archive of CASLL-L is itself an important resource. Yes, the postings on it are rather like inksheds, in that they were  situational and thus narrow and perhaps intended to be forgotten once used, like inksheds or conversation; on the other hand it's a record of where ideas arose and developed, and when, at least after 1995. As a LISTSERV archive, it's searchable by date and topic and poster, and I think is sort of like a steamer trunk full of correspondence, except there's an index on the cover. I think it's worth trying to make sure it survives and is accessible (at least until climate change floods all the servers . . . )

I also think a bibliography of inkshed-related publications would be a useful resource, and might become part of a wikipedia entry. But that's a more ambitious project than I want to think about on a Friday night.

Thank you to everybody who replied.

-- Russ

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