We are pleased to announce the availability of Segway 2.0.4!

This is the first release with support for the Slurm Workload Manager. For later Slurm versions (such as 18.08), it's recommended that you install the latest DRMAA driver release from https://github.com/natefoo/slurm-drmaa/releases. Older Slurm versions have not been tested but we would expect to work with the correct DRMAA driver.

Segway (and Genomedata) are both available on Bioconda. With Bioconda installed, to install segway run 'conda install segway'. Segway can still be installed through older methods using "pip", see the Quickstart Guide (https://segway.readthedocs.io/en/latest/quick.html) for details.

The most notable changes to the Segway software includes better management of Gaussian mixtures and their priors. If mixtures are not specified in your model, no change will occur. We've also updated the test baselines to be tolerant of newer GLIBC versions where there has a been minor numeric change in rounding of certain arcsinh computations.

Here is a full list of changes made since the last announcement here:

* segway: gaussian mixtures no longer split with only one component
* segway: SLURM: added support for 18.08 (https://github.com/natefoo/slurm-drmaa)
* segway: the DPMF table is now stored as constants instead of a fixed table
  allowing splitting and vanishing components to resize correctly
* segway: priors and mixture components are now derived from previous EM
  iterations instead of from input master

* segway: updated test touchstones for newer GLIBC versions

Known Bugs: To see all known bugs head to the issue tracker at http://bitbucket.org/hoffmanlab/segway/issues 

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